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Photo retouching effect – what photoshop can do

At this time information expand too fast than ever before. Visual effect still believed to be the most effective way to propagate ideas, feeling or spirit. Photo retouching, an useful method to manipulate an existing image, or produce a completely new design from a blank draft, create a concept in many area. Personally I love photo retouching or editing, and enjoy the long time spending on it. Although the learning curve is long from the very beginning, but you will find it worth every second you spend on it eventually. Just like we drawing on a paper with pens or brushes, at present we complete 90% of the work on the computer. However, it only indicates that the tools has been changed, not the essential way we compose and appreciate art work. Our mind is still burning, creatively produce countless visual effects. The major tool I use is photoshop. It is very handy, powerful and manage images pixel by pixel, which give you the ability to create any graphic art format. No matter website layout, app layout, logos or posters, photoshop save me from tons of hours. Today I am going to share some work that photoshop normally can create, or be part of the total work. If you interested in photo retouching ,you may visit quick retouch website.

Design a logo

logo design

Manipulating background

Create art effect – pop art effect

Create art effect

Digital Art

Design Inspiration

You may view more art work at

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Angkor Temples Day – Travel Photo Retouching

photoshop services

Apparently sunset at Angkor Wat is a must-see. Apparently. So Maria and I woke up at 5am and took a tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat to witness this event. But even more incredible than seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat, was to see it from “the heel” and see the sunrise over the whole horizon of temples. I apply hdr effect on it to create a mystical feeling on this ancient, gorgeous master piece in world architect history. To do this HDR You may refer to photoshop services here.

Now let me share some story with you. “The heel” was a 20-minute hike, which we did by the light of a cell phone at 5:30am. There were no other tourists, no signs, it was definitely one of those “is this when I die?” moments. We arrived at the top of a hill, which I’m still not sure if it was the right place. We climbed an old, abandoned temple up a set of very steep stairs to find a small gathering of people looking to watch the sunrise. So we made friends, and hung out.

The sun didn’t really rise that day…more so light just began to illuminate a horizon of fog, which was nice, but not worthy of a 5am wake up call. The one good thing about getting up at the crack of dawn, literally, was that we had a super early start to the day. After a quick breakfast we hit the temples hours, HOURS, before the crowds. The lighting on the temples was perfect for photographing and we were done with the day by 10am!

Aside from Angkor Wat, my favorite temple was Bayon – the temple of many faces, 216 to be exact. Everywhere you look there is a stone face looking down at you. Some are in better shape than others, but the sheer volume and detail of the temple was remarkable.

My second favorite has to be Ta Prohm – the temple with trees sprouting from rocks and roots covering entire structures. This temple was insane, mainly because of the “destruction” the trees had caused to the temple. It seemed they were growing out of the rock itself – maybe a message from the gods?

We saw at least a dozen temples, so I won’t mention them all, but the morning was amazing and inspiring. I felt very young and very small after visiting such ancient giants.

That evening we headed back to Angkor Wat to watch the sunset again, hey why not. It was a clear night and sunset was pristine. The sun cast such a perfect golden glow on the landscape, we sat for at least an hour and soaked up Angkor in all of its glory – a truly perfect moment.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -Travel Photo

I knew nothing about Kuala Lumpur other than that they were Air Asia’s hub and I could get in and out of SEA via Melbourne quickly and cheaply. To be honest, I never even considered spending time there until my parasite episode in Cambodia, which drained my tolerance and energy for roughing it and forced to me retreat to a bigger city. Of course, I spent really some time on post digital photo retouching.

photo retouching services

If I had to described Kuala Lumpur in one word, it would be developed. There is no trace of “developing nation” or “third world country” in this very posh, very modern city. Sure there are still vendors haggling you to buy their good in markets, there are still beggars and slight stench of food/garbage/pollution every once in a while, but not to the extent you would see in other major South East Asian cities, such as Bangkok.

photo retouching services

I spent much of my first two days getting lost. Since this was a last minute stopover I had nothing more than a map to guide me around the city, what I was looking for I really had no idea. My hotel was in Chinatown on a very busy street called Petaling, which was filled with vendors selling knock-off designer goods and bootleg movie.

I wandered through the streets stopping in at temples and museums along the way. Surely the most impressive was the Islamic Museum, a huge temple-like building encasing centuries of Islamic religious artifacts.

The presence of religion in Kuala Lumpur is strong but divided, with around 50% of KL’s population practicing Hinduism and 50% devote Muslims. The division is obvious through the decorative and, at times, elaborate headdresses warn by Muslim women. Aside from covering their hair they also have to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. With an average temperature of 80+ in KL, I cannot even imagine having to wear that much clothing!

I talked for a while with a Muslim man at lunch one day, who was very proud and eager to talk about his religion. When I expressed me concern for the women’s body temperature, he laughed and went on about their devotion to their family and religion. He also told me women are allowed to show their hair within their own house, but only around their husband. The purpose is to prevent any sexual attention from men, especially those other than their husband.

photo retouching services

The photo looks pretty good after some photo retouching done, is it? If you do not have time to do it, check these photo retouching services is a wise choice. My other explorations included the lookout sky tower and KL’s “twin towers” – two very shiny and impressive structures unlike any building I had seen before. I also did a fair amount of shopping since there was an abundance of mega-malls that were filled with American stores and, most importantly, air conditioning! Did I mention it was hot? The temperature didn’t go below 95 the entire time I was there – apparently this is “abnormal” but temperatures are usually in the 80s and 90s year round.

Once I learned the subway system and got my bearings I had a much easier time maneuvering the city. I finally had my appetite back and was able to enjoy the cuisine, which closely mirrored Indian cuisine with slight European influences.

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The Home-stretch: New Zealand

Thank you all for following my journey. I’m currently on flight to my final country, where I’ll spend my last 4 weeks before returning to the US.

As always my plans are up in the air, exactly how I like them, but my tentative route is as follows:

Auckland Jan 30- Feb 3
Christchurch Feb 3-5
Franz Josef
Then back up to the North Island to Wellington for a few days before returning to Auckland and flying out.

I know a few people have mentioned they have friends in New Zealand, and I’d love to meet all of them so definitely put us in touch!

I’ll be busy my first few days shopping for warmer clothes and psyching myself up to do outdoorsy things. Go nature!

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Some Funny Photos

funny wedding photo editing

I’ve been in the middle of editing a lot of bridal portraits, so I don’t have many shoots to post. However, I wanted to post something funny! Check out one of the photo nicely done by funny editing ideas.  I hope you all enjoy it! If you guys have weird & crazy idea, you may leave message to me. I receive a free photo retouching sample opportunity from quickretouch- a photo editing service provider. Will try and see the result.